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As a book promoter, Denise Cassino has successfully launched more than 700 books to BestSeller status on Amazon. Denise offers a broad menu of services including editing, formatting, publishing, and promotion. Her diverse talents make her the perfect all-in-one resource. Her personal reach is 35,000 people, including multiple social media accounts and newsletters. 
  Unlike other book promoters, Denise has developed a fail-safe system of achieving very high rankings that continue long after the launch date has passed, which along with the social media aspect of her program, brings continued book sales.​
  There's never been a better time to launch your writing career or take your book to the next level: Monetizing through public speaking, workshops, and teleseminars! You'll forever after be a "Bestselling Author!", a tag that will open doors otherwise closed to you. 
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Denise Cassino has a BA in English from Northern Illinois University and has had a career in sales and marketing that spans 30 years.

Denise is also an author in her own right with more than 40 short stories and articles published in print and on the Internet. She is also the bestselling, award-winning author of a novel, Bobby Truax.
​I can’t say enough good things about Denise and highly recommend her if you are writing a book. First and foremost, she is always AVAILABLE. In the entire 6 months we worked together, she answered her phone every time I called her. I think that’s incredible. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to be able to rely on someone in that way.  

Denise is amazingly PATIENT. The detail-oriented work involved with publishing a book is intense and complex. She does it all! She is always pleasant, enthusiastic, helpful, and downright sunny on the phone. I cannot recommend her services enough. And she's free for support ever after! 
  -Dr. Christine Ranck
Denise Cassino  :  :  PO Box 1223, Conifer, CO 80433  :  303 838 3399
Present your book to the world through worldwide distribution to bookstores and librarires.
An Amazon bestseller campaign on Amazon, via author support sites and book award programs.

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