Denise Cassino's Amazon Bestseller Programs
Bestseller Campaign for published books includes:

  • Social Media analysis
  • Optimizing and Navigating Amazon
  • Creation of author profile on Amazon
  • Adding content to Amazon page
  • Choosing & Implementing categories/keywords
  • Marketing Memes/Posts for Launch
  • 6-day internet blitz
  • Guidance on all aspects
  • Unlimited consultation
  • $3500 in installments 

Bestseller Campaign for UNpublished books includes:
  • Introduction to editors/formatters
  • Create accounts for publishing
  • Publishing of manuscripts on Amazon & Ingramspark
  • Attainment of Library of Congress Number
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Optimizing and Navigating Amazon
  • Adding Content to Amazon pages
  • Creation of Author Profile on Amazon 
  • Marketing Material for Launch
  • Guidance on all aspects
  • Unlimited consultation
  • $3850 in installments

The bestseller packages include payment plan (usually 3-4 months - but Paypal now, if you have great credit, allows 6 months - check it out).

All programs apply to both print books and ebooks!
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