Testimonials re: Denise Cassino, book launches & marketing services

If you want to get your book to #1, and you want someone with moxie—who is reliable, smart, fun, patient, and really nice—to guide you and then hold your hand when you’re a total wreck watching the Amazon numbers climb, Denise Cassino is the one you should launch with."
Dr. Christine Ranck
Author, Ignite the Genius Within

"I am overwhelmed right now with the response to my Play/Musical release......Jetting around the Country to various Big Cities interested in Producing....meeting a few Directors in Manhattan next week..Hope all is well....and you are right...Being an Award Winning Best Seller in 5 categories have opened the doors for this play like a Flood Gate busting thru....thanku so much again for all that u did...."
Love Always,
        Christa Jan Ryan
Author, Silent Screams from the Hamptons

Denise Cassino is the hardest working, most effective and caring online book publicist I know.  From creating my author website to positioning my books on Amazon, she put them in the best position for success. I eagerly hire her for every book launch.
Joseph Amiel

"I am SO very impressed with your talents regarding this kind of endeavor. You are amazing. I hope you are able to work with Jesse and Melva.AND when I am ready, you are the one I CHOOSE to work with - no doubt."

Darren L. Johnson

"Just a quick note of thanks for everything, you did such a great job. I am highly recommending you to my friends and colleagues. I realize this must be a tough time for you, so I am doubly and triply satisfied with your professionalism and follow-through, considering your circumstances. Let me know if I can ever assist you, or serve as a reference for you! Thanks again.  
David Mathison
Author, Be the Media

"Denise Cassino is an absolute wiz at Book Launches.  She knows everything there is to know about them.  I  am thrilled that I had the good sense to ask Denise to help me launch my newest book, The Truth (I'm a girl, I'm smart and I know everything), which became a Bestseller the day of the launch! When I saw the website she designed for my launch and then the campaign itself that she constructed, I was amazed.  If you have a chance to learn from Denise, don't walk, run to do so!  She is tops in this field!"  

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,
Psychologist and Happiness Coach 
Author, The Truth (I'm a Girll, I'm Smart and I Know Everything!"

"Denise Puts Her Heart & Soul in Her Work!I am so grateful to Denise. She did everything she could to help me reach #1 in Amazon im my book campaign for Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose on Earth. I highly recommend Denise for your next launch! I've now been approached by Random House and a Chinese Publisher!"
Ping Li
Best-selling Author, soul healer, 
Creater of 22 steps to awakening your divine soul
My experience of working with Denise and the bestseller campaign was one of ease and success. Knowing how much time and energy it takes to launch a campaign like this (having done it myself for my first book and being exhausted when it was over) I was so happy to have Denise's support. Before I knew it we had 70 partners supporting the launch and we reached #1 weeks before our actual launch date. My overall rankings on the day were also wonderful and most importantly my new book found its way into the hands of those that it resonated with. Thanks Denise for all of your expertise, our collaborative meetings and for giving me 3 months of my life back from handing this off to you rather than doing it myself.  

~ Danielle Rama Hoffman, #1 Amazon.com bestselling author of The Council of Light and The Temples of Light.
In working with Denise Cassino, I quickly discovered her superpower was the way she taught me to think differently about the marketing and promotion of my book Lilly Noble & Actual Magic.

She removed all the fear from what I was daring myself to do when she said; "Deborah, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. You already have everything you need inside the book you've written. Let me show you how to use what you have. It's really easy." And, show me she did!

From navigating the labyrinth hidden beneath Amazon.com, to creating pic boxes and tweets for social media sharing from the reader reviews I'd all ready received about my book, to hyperlinking everything I was doing back to my website and my other social media, Denise has taught me how to spin and weave my own web within the internet's World Wide Web.

Denise Cassino's imagination, creativity, generosity, and curiosity to figure out even better methods of doing things, will change you in amazing ways. As I move forward with my marketing and promotion, even though my relationship with Denise Cassino has ended, I am discovering my ways of doing things in the social marketing arena continue to evolve.

Denise Cassino is exquisitely brilliant! She has simply stripped away all the clutter and the noise, and changed the world of marketing and promotion into a fun new game for me.

I've just finished the first draft of the second book in my Actual Magic series. The title is Lilly Noble & Deadly Magic! I'm planning to work with her again soon! I can hardly wait to see what she's going to come up with!   

~ Deborah McTiernan, Author of Lilly Noble & Actual Magic and the Actual Magic Series

"I want to thank Denise Cassino who designed and created the website for the launch. I hired her because she was someone who had a lot of experience producing artistic-looking and successful websites for book launches like mine. I had no idea that what I was getting in addition to a consummate professional was someone who would work meticulously and tirelessly, and with both patience and grace as I made changes up to the very last minute. In addition to designing and constructing the web pages, she taught me a great deal about the launch process, additional tools I could use, and about maximizing my presence on Amazon. She was unbelievably fantastic to work with and I highly recommend her as well."   

~Dr. Walter Jacobsen
​I can’t say enough good things about Denise, and highly recommend her if you are considering a launch.  First and foremost, she is always AVAILABLE.  In the entire 6 months we worked together, she answered her phone every time I called her.  I think that’s incredible.  I can’t tell you what a relief it was to be able to rely on someone in that way.  

Second, she is amazingly PATIENT.  The detail-oriented work involved with these launches is intense and complex.  She was always pleasant, enthusiastic, helpful, and downright sunny on the phone.  And she treated all my launch friends and affiliates the same way.  I was confident that I could refer anyone to her and she would be available, professional, and courteous with their questions.  

She’s CREATIVE.  She built me a beautiful launch site, incorporated all of my suggestions, was willing to make last-minute changes to anything, and created a site that captured my message clearly and that I was proud of. 

She is THOROUGH.  She blasted every aspect of the social media with publicity on my book.  Anything I didn’t know how to do, she either taught to me or did it for me.  I got a priceless education from watching how she promoted my book in every way possible.  And finally, she’s SCRAPPY.  She went after my #1 Bestseller status like one of those little dogs that just won’t let go of a bone.  ~Dr. Christine Ranck, Trauma Therapist, Author, Ignite the Genius Within

"Working with Denise on a book launch feels like visiting with a friend who wants the best for you. She’s patient, interested in your story, and willing to challenge you when necessary. Of course, her professionalism and creativity add to the final product, but Denise’s cooperative spirit makes her someone very special indeed. I feel extremely lucky that “O Wizardly One” conjured up MY two book launches!"
~Betty Jo Tucker, Movie Critic

Denise Cassino did an amazing job with Living Consciously: In An Ego Driven Society. She helped me navigate through the field of dreams into the field of being a #1 Best Selling Author. Her expertise and guidance was impeccable. As she said to me right before the launch, "It's ok that your confused, I do this for a living. I would be confused if I was trying to teach your clients to Live Consciously" She's funny, wise and patient with us new authors. I recommend her highly! 

~Karen Monteverdi, CPC and #1 Bestselling Author
"Working with Denise Cassino is a wonderful experience. She not only shoots from the heart, but her expertise in being able to make you a Bestselling Author is phenomenal! She is extremely hard-working, true to her word, and I plan to use her services on my next book!"                                      
~Lindy Tefft, MS #1 Bestselling Author, 
I Married Mr. America
“I have only the highest praise for Denise Cassino and her Make your book an Amazon #1 Bestseller program. She takes over the complicated process of setting up your book on Amazon to have it in a prime position to reach #1 quickly. Denise is prompt, present, and professional on every call up to and after the launch. She will not only be your cheerleader, but she makes contact with Amazon on your behalf. She will let you know what to do during each step of the way to your launch. Her expertise is remarkable. She will break Twitter and Facebook down for the most technically challenged in a way that’s practical and easy to understand. I am definitely using her for my sequel, The Path of Least Resistance, especially since I became a #1 Amazon best seller within TWO days of launching my first novel Catch a Falling Star through her program!”

– Leah Downing, author of #1 Bestseller Catch a Falling Star #teamdenise #cantgushenough #lovethisprogram April 2016

Denise Cassino